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We offer a huge variety of products to make your tanning experience stress free and relaxing. Sun Room and Spa is a premier salon carrying only the highest quality products. Our lotions will help nourish, moisturize and protect your skin while giving you better color with each visit. Stop in to get your full line of high quality products with us!

Our Tanning Salon Packages

Sun Room and Spa offers you an exceptional way to get a sensational tan. Our friendly, attentive service provides you with a most relaxing environment. Our monthly tanning memberships are our most popular option, giving you the absolute best tanning for your dollar. We offer four levels of tanning. Below is a list of our Tanning Packages. Prices do not include 10% tanning tax.

  • VIP - $21.95 mo. Level 1
  • VIP SILVER - $34.95 mo. Levels 1 & 2
  • VIP GOLD - $49.95 mo. Levels 1, 2, 3
  • VIP PLATINUM - $69.95 mo. Levels 1, 2, 3, 4
  • UV FREE TANNING - $65.00 mo.


All agreements receive lotion discounts plus deeply discounted upgrades.

You can keep that beautiful tan year around for a minimum cost.

Our full tanning menu is available by stopping by our salon.

Our Equipment

Sun Room and Spa offer the best in tanning equipment in a most relaxing environment. Our goal is to provide you with a totally responsible way to develop a perfect tan. Whether you are looking to maintain your tan year 'round, add a little color to your skin or get an awesome summer tan, we have the perfect equipment for you. Below is a comprehensive list of our beds.


The Sunrise 7200 Hybrid is the most versatile and innovative stand up unit. At first glance, the vertical design and bright texture inspires with eye catching design and a unique LED light show. Equipped with the unique combination of Red Light and UV along with Beauty Light LED facial tanning technology, the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid delviers a new and heightened result. Beauty Light LED's surround the facial area and with the Personal Sunstyle, you can reduce UV output during a session while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. The new surround cooling plus ventilation guarantees that you keep cool during your session, delivering a fresh breeze from head to toe. All comfort settings can be set at the touch of a button on the easy-to-use Smart Control Panel. Experience a new level of tanning with the Sunrise 7200 Hybrid Ergoline.


The Prestige lives up to its name in every sense, bringing luxury and performance to mid- and top-level taners. On the inside, the Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results by adjusting the lamps' output automatically for the most even and dark all-over tan. NFC Technology brings a new level of personalized customer service to each session. A perfect session for the beauty minded, 32 Beauty Light LED's allow for the ideal facial session, without UV. Choose your session, from sensitive to intense. Personal Sunstyle creates the ideal customization. The Prestige 1600 brings UV and Red Light together for the first time and it's a match made in heaven. Experience color like never before with the perfect combination of light and beauty.


The Advantage 400 ensures the highest tanning results with a perfect combination of 3 VIT Max high-pressure facials, 40 Turbo Power tanning lamps and a reflex neck tanner. In addition, it features a relaxing Bodyform Plus base acrylic with integrated headrest. Its Comfort Cooling ventilation, with cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets, is infinitely variable and keeps clients feeling fresh during the tanning session. Another enjoyable feature in the Advantage 400 is an audio system that offers perfectly reproduced stereo sound. TECHNOLOGY – ADVANTAGES •3 VIT Max 400-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners. •40 Ergoline VHP Turbo Power 140 or 160 watt UV Lamps. •Aluminum reflector system. LUXURY – ADVANTAGES •1-system body ventilation, variable with air conditioning. •Bodyform Plus acrylic. •Headphone connection socket, channel selector and volume control.


The strength of the Ambition 250 is apparent by its use of 40 Genesis technology Turbo and Super Power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface. The large rotary fan is quiet, yet it sends a refreshing stream of cool air to produce a pleasant tanning environment. Tanning clients are kept at the perfect temperature so they don't lose their cool. Continuing the Ambition 250s comfort is its perfectly shaped acrylic. The Body Curve acrylic's extended tanning surface positions the tanner for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a much larger sunbed. All the power in the Ambition 250 is easy to control thanks to the easy-to-understand and well-placed buttons. TECHNOLOGY – ADVANTAGES •32 Lamps 120W •3 Ultra Performance 400-watt High-Pressure Facial Tanners. LUXURY – ADVANTAGES •Starlight design with two-tone paint finish.


The ergonomic design and quality construction of the ultra glide lift system allows you to select from a multitude of canopy positions with easy, fingertip control. The 600 boasts a staggering 59 lamp total to bring unparalleled performance to our salon. 50 full body High Pressure Bronzing tanning lamps encapsulate the body in a field of ultra high-powered UV tanning energy. Simultaneously, the exclusive, patented, on-demand VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning System dramatically enhances melanin production and maximizes the oxidation process in the upper body and facial region. As an added amenity, the VIT 2.3 HighPressure Facial Tanning System offers 4 levels of intensity to accommodate a variety of tanning preferences, sophisticated ventilation, a wider base with contoured acrylic for even greater comfort while tanning, as well as a 5-lamp UVA shoulder tanning system all provide the finishing touches on what thousands of savvy, demanding tanning enthusiasts describe as the ultimate, total-body tanning experience. *Level 7 Bed *59 Total Lamp Configuration *12 minute maximum exposure time *Most Advanced Tanning Technology with Patented VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning System *Contoured acrylic, expansive wide body tanning surface *4 500 watt High Pressure Facials with efficient Ultra Performance Technology *5 Shoulder Tanning Lamps provide extra tanning performance for all over tan *50 Turbo Powered UV lamp unit *Central Super Cool Airflow System.


The Prestige 1100 flexes its muscles with 52 Extreme Power 200-watt UV lamps, four Ultra Performance 520-watt high-pressure facial units (including three UV-B spaghetti lamps in the facial area), two new Ultra Performance 240-watt high-pressure shoulder tanners, a reflector neck tanner and a maximum exposure schedule of 10 minutes. The additional UV-B lamps in the facial area provide an especially long-lasting tan and the new high-pressure shoulder tanner with Ultra Performance technology ensure a deep tan on the shoulders. Utilizing Ergoline's superior UV competence, the Ultra Performance Reflector System creates a deeper tan in the facial area. This high-pressure technology provides specially coated filter glass that performs with 35% more UV output and a reflector geometry that balances UV-A and UV-B wavelengths. The result is more intense UV power than most other high-pressure models on the market, which just waste power and add heat .


Mystic is the original and continues to offer the world's best sunless tanning system: •Heat optimizes the absorption for a deeper, longer lasting tan. •Drying accelerates the DHA development and improves the application process. •MagneTan® patented application technology that attracts myst to every exposed surface of the skin. •Airbrush Technology spraying process with a sweeping side-to-side airbrush motion. •Personal Single Use Cartridge System gives you choices to easily customize the tanning experience. •Voice Automation guides you step-by-step through the entire tanning process. brand to trust and love. Professional In-Salon Spray Tan - Mystic Tan consistently delivers flawless and natural-looking results, creating The Color of Confidence. That's what keeps tanners coming back for more than 50+ million tans…and counting! As the leader in sunless tanning for 15+ years, Mystic Tan in the brand to trust and love. A PERFECT tan - fast! In just 3 minutes, achieve the desired even, full-body tan, from our private, warm, automated in-salon spray tanning system. Whatever the moment – wedding, date, vacation, party or just because you deserve it – it's always the right time to Mystic Tan.


The Cocoon Wellness Pro is an infrared sauna pod that utilizes a combination of a dry heat air convection system and a radiant infrared heat system. The portable saunas dual heat system is a unique feature that is not found in other infrared sauna systems. The infrared sauna pod contains an ergonomic, vibration massage bed, serene mood lights, and a cooling face air system. Aroma therapy and Himalayan salt enhances the air with to provide a refreshing salt breeze during the session. For additional help in weight management, the infrared sauna pod includes a patented built-in exercise fitness system. This includes resistance bands of two different resistance levels with cushioned grips. Users can perform H.I.I.T exercises while enjoying their session.

"The best beach in town"!

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