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Sun Room & Spa LLC Service Areas

Acrylic Manicures

Acrylic manicures are your go-to for gorgeous nail extensions. In the world of nail care, acrylics are the gold standard when it comes to getting that extra length.

Airbrush Tanning

Sun Room & Spa LLC is the top choice for personalized airbrush tanning services. You can trust our team of trained professionals to give you beautiful results every time. We’re constantly updating our methods to ensure we offer top-of-the-line tans for our customers.

Beauty Salon

Our skilled team of beauty experts provides our clients with the highest quality treatments and services, from manicures to facials and everything in between. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure you leave our salon feeling beautiful and confident.


At Sun Room & Spa LLC, we’ve carefully and strategically designed a natural approach to skincare. We aim to deliver long-lasting and therapeutic results for everyone, regardless of age or skin type. We offer a long list of specialized esthetician facial services in our salon.

Eyebrow Tinting

Have you been craving luscious eyebrows that would make your eyes pop? You’re not alone. Eyebrow grooming services have recently taken the beauty industry by storm, with demand for groomed brows going through the roof.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions push the glamor of your natural lashes to the next level. Your eyes are the most expressive feature on your face, and framing these features is key to your style and the enhancement of your natural beauty.

Eyelash Lifting

Let’s face it, applying an entire course of makeup every day can eat away at your precious time. With the added disadvantage that mascara smudges every time you sweat, cry, or swim, you may almost wonder why you even bother with makeup.

Eyelash Tinting

Get ready to throw away your mascara with a get-up-and-go look from Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our skilled and professional eyelash tinting services are the talk of the town. We help contour and define your facial appearance, adding a pop of color to your lashes that can last upwards of a month.

Facial Services

Treat yourself to relaxing facial services at one of the best luxury spas. Sun Room & Spa LLC is a full-service facial spa offering advanced technology treatment. Our team of friendly experts is fully certified and multidisciplined, giving our salon the flexibility to provide you with various facial services to suit your unique skin needs.

Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are relatively new on the nail care market, and make it possible to have a beautiful manicure while living your life to the fullest.

Hair Coloring

Whether you’re looking for a complete transformation with a whole-head color change or want to cover some gray, we’re the professionals you can trust to keep your hair in excellent condition

Hair Relaxer

When the time comes to do away with curly and hard-to-manage hair, there is no salon better suited to serve you than ours.

Hair Salon

If you’re looking for the best hair salon, you’ll find everything you need at Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our team of expert colorists and stylists are continuously learning new skills and techniques to provide you with cutting-edge looks and classic styles that compliment your face shape and personal style.


If you’re looking for a haircut in the region, you’ll find no hairstylists better suited to serve you than those at Sun Room & Spa LLC. Widely regarded as the finest stylists in the area, we’re here to give you the results you want.


Sun Room & Spa LLC's goal is to connect people with a master hairdresser interested in knowing the challenges you've been facing with your hair lately. Our talented color, cutting, and styling team can help you resolve any issues you've been having.


Sun Room & Spa LLC is proud to be an industry-leading hairstylist serving a diverse group of clients. We offer premium quality cuts, colors, and styling services to people of all ages and backgrounds. Whatever your hair type and preferences, our stylist experts are the perfect match to achieve your desired look.

Lip Blushing

Are your lips lacking the youthful luster you used to sport in your younger years? Perhaps you would like your lips to appear fuller for a more glamorous appearance, or you’re aiming for a more permanent classic lip color than you can achieve with lipstick or lip gloss.


A manicure is so much more than getting your nails done. It’s a time to relax and let yourself be pampered, while also expressing your individual sense of beauty and style.

Mens Haircuts

If you want a men’s haircut, Sun Room & Spa LLC is the place to go. We boast an incredible team of hairstylists capable of executing the look you want and working within the boundaries of your specific hair type. Book an appointment with us today for the best cuts in the city.


Are you looking to change up your eyebrow shape? Do you have tiny patches in your brows that need to be filled in daily? Perhaps you’re seeking fuller brows to accentuate your facial features and make a statement.

Nail Art

Whether you’re a fan of the classic French manicure with smooth squared-off edges and minimal color, or the trendy claw point, we are here to serve you.


We believe that getting a pedicure is a great way to relax, while doing something that not only leaves you looking better, but packs a punch in terms of added health benefits.

Permanent Makeup

Sun Room & Spa LLC provides clients in with sustainable makeup solutions designed to help you look and feel your best from the moment you wake up in the morning to the minute you go to sleep.

Shellac Manicures

Shellac manicures are a relatively new kind of nail treatment, combining UV cured gel technology with specialized polishes that make your manicure nearly chip proof.

Waxing Services

At our salon, we believe that self-love translates to self-care, which means a bit of pampering every now and again. We’re proud to offer affordable, high-quality waxing services for the entire body, head to toe.

Wedding Hair Styling

Sun Room & Spa LLC wants to help you look your best on your wedding day. Our bridal hair experts will present you with many ideas and inspirations to help you settle on the perfect hairstyle for walking down the aisle.

Wedding Makeup

Your wedding is the right occasion to go all out with your makeup. Sun Room & Spa LLC offers a wide range of bridal makeup services that will bring out your natural beauty and help you look stunning on your wedding day. We make your wedding makeup morning prep a fun and stress-free process, so we encourage you to consider our services for everyone in your wedding party.

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