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Airbrush Tanning

For the best airbrush tanning service, trust the professionals at Sun Room & Spa LLC to do a perfect job. We have the best team in the business and premier airbrushes for safe, thorough, and beautiful sunless tanning solutions. We offer tans that meet your goals and will give you a perfect result every time.

Before applying an airbrush tan to your skin, we like to consult with our clients. We can discuss the level of tan you’re looking for, how long the procedure will take, and assess your skin type.

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What Is Airbrush Tanning?

Airbrush tanning is a type of sunless tan where an airbrush gun is used to apply a tanning solution evenly to the skin, producing an artificial glow that mimics the natural look of sun-kissed skin. The airbrushed solution contains DHA, a compound that reacts with the skin to produce melanin, the same substance responsible for a traditional tan. You’ll achieve a bronzing effect immediately after the procedure, and this color will continue to darken for up to 12 hours after the appointment.

Although your tan is because of stimulated melanin in your skin, you don’t receive the same UV protection from an airbrush tan that you would from a tan stemming from sun exposure. Therefore, we always recommend applying sunscreen for UV protection after an airbrush tan when you plan to show off your new bronze color outside.

Sun Room & Spa LLC: The Best Airbrush Tanning Company

We pride ourselves on being the best company for airbrush tanning in the business. Our professionals are expertly trained to provide tanning services for a wide variety of skin colors and types, as we give you the exact level of tan you want. We invest in top-of-the-line tanning airbrushes to ensure we always provide reliable and consistent results.

You should never worry about the quality of your tan when you trust us for a procedure. We’re thorough with our equipment, constantly checking your skin to ensure we’ve given you an even and careful tanning solution application.

Affordable Airbrush Tanning Procedures

Although an airbrush tanning appointment will always cost more than simply going out into the sun, we do all we can to make our prices the most competitive on the market while promising a safer tanning experience than the outdoors. We consult with our patients before a procedure to determine the amount of tanning solution they need. This helps us tailor our services to you, never taking more time or material than you need. It also means we can ensure a level of control over the depth of your tan that’s impossible to achieve with beach visits.

We also work efficiently, never sacrificing thoroughness but working quickly to keep the time of our appointment as short as possible.

For an estimate for your airbrush tanning appointment, reach out to our team and schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’ll be able to give you an estimate after learning about your goals and the type of service we’ll be providing.

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For a beautiful glow that offers more reliable and safer results than a natural tan, try an airbrush tan from our professional team at Sun Room & Spa LLC. We have the best equipment and experienced professionals to guarantee a flawless look every time.

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