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Hair Relaxer

When the time comes to straighten your curly hair, take the professional route. The hairstylists at Sun Room & Spa LLC offer the most effective and long-lasting hair relaxer services in the region. No matter how curly your hair might be, we’re confident that the hairstylists at our salon will give you the silky, sleek results you desire.

Alongside our stunning results comes the promise of a salon experience like no other. We go above and beyond to treat you like the valuable client you are so that you won’t just look great when you leave, you’ll feel great from the moment you sit down with your dedicated hairstylist.

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Sun Room & Spa LLC: Hair Relaxing Services for You

There are many ways to style your hair on a day-to-day basis. However, as malleable as hair might be, it can be hard to avoid the tangles and excessive volume of curly, frizzy, or textured hair. When you’re spending way too much time taming your hair to achieve the look you want, the services of our team can make all the difference. Our hair stylists use the best products and methods to give you the relaxed, straight hair you want.

Come to us when you want:

  • Competitive rates on hair relaxing services
  • A wide array of purchasable hair products
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Your satisfaction with the results guaranteed

What to Expect During Your Hair Relaxing Session

If you’re seeking our hair relaxing services for the first time, you might not be sure what to expect from the hair relaxing process. How long will it take? What products and treatments do we use? Allow us to answer these questions for you.

After you comfortably arrange yourself in one of our stylist’s salon chairs, your stylist will apply a special cream or lotion to your hair to begin the chemical relaxing process. These aren’t the creams and lotions that the average consumer can buy at the pharmacy—we use professional grade and high-quality products, ensuring you get the picture-perfect results you want. There are key ingredients in these relaxers that, combined with the other ingredients, are able to straighten even the unruliest hair.

A Hairstyle for a Special Occasion

Do you want to style your hair differently for a special occasion? Perhaps you have a wedding, party, or gathering coming up where you want to look your best. Our salon’s hair relaxing services make it easy to achieve a special, out-of-the-ordinary look with manageable and smooth hair. Explore your options and decide on the style that will suit you best, with our expert hairstylists offering guidance and support. We’re here to achieve your hair goals and bring out the confidence you need in your hair choices.


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If you’re looking to take control of your frizz or unruly curls, Sun Room & Spa LLC’s hair relaxing services are here for you. Not only do we promise excellent service in a comfortable setting, but we also promise rates that keep you coming back time and time again.

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