Permanent Makeup in Waynesville

Imagine waking up, showering, and heading out to work without missing a heartbeat. Taking half an hour to an hour out of your morning routine to put on your public-friendly face is a precious amount of your time spent on an activity that perishes in its benefits towards the end of the day.

Enter Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our permanent makeup services are the talk of the town in Waynesville. We have a row of happy clients that emerge from our clinic every day with the ability to enjoy their time prioritizing more important things than tending to their face. If you want to be part of the trend, we invite you to contact us at (828) 252-1100 to set up an appointment and consult with us on all the permanent makeup solutions that will suit your needs.

Full Range of Permanent Makeup Services

Sun Room & Spa LLC hosts a full suite of permanent makeup services that cater to every feature on your face. Our services include:


Our work will emulate the strokes of natural eyebrow hairs to generate fuller-looking brows.

Lip Blushing

Also known as lip tinting, this procedure will add a subtle wash of sheer color across the set of lips to achieve a full blush.

Permanent Eyeliner

Our lash line enhancement is where we construct a dark line that hugs the lash line to contrast with the whites of your eyes.

Scar Camouflage

Here, we tattoo your scar with flesh-colored pigment to camouflage a permanent scar.

Lash Tinting

With our lash tints, we are able to successfully create on our clients the illusion of wearing mascara.

Lash Lifting

Our lash lift is basically a perm for the lashes – providing a curl and lift for eye-popping results.

Expert application for Long-Lasting Results at Our Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic

We specialize in authentic-looking enhancements to your visage at Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo is the process of micro-pigmentation.

Our experienced technicians use a pen containing iron oxide to tattoo your skin and provide you with the look of being made-up. Our tattoos can imitate eyeliner and lipstick or darken and produce the look of thick and lush eyebrows. With our top-of-the-line tools and artist expertise, we will insert pigment into the skin to ensure it is visible for months and even years to come.

Save Time and Money with Permanent Makeup

From touch-ups to refreshing your makeup every few hours, it is a significant amount of time to spend on something that doesn’t last long. With our permanent makeup solutions, you can save up to an hour or more daily without having to apply and reapply makeup products. Another benefit is the amount of money you save when you stop purchasing all the products from foundation to mascara and lipstick as and when they run out.

Look Great and Feel Your Best in Waynesville with Sun Room & Spa LLC

From microblading to lip blushing, our makeup artists can elevate the look of your original facial feature. Whatever permanent makeup solutions you’re on the lookout for in Waynesville, phone Sun Room & Spa LLC at (828) 252-1100 to make your appointment and get your enhanced face on!