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Sun Room & Spa LLC wants to match you with a hairstylist you'll never want to have to give up. To do this, we hire only the most skilled stylists Waynesville has to offer. Our trained professionals are committed to continuous learning to stay up to date with the latest trends and refine new takes on the classics you love.

Moreover, we can complement your cut with a wide variety of color and styling services that will leave you feeling uplifted and stylish every time you see your reflection in a mirror.

Whether you want to transform your current look into something new or you'd like to add bangs or a few highlights and layers, our specialists are here to make your goals a reality.

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Choosing the Right Hairdresser Makes All the Difference

The relationship between a hairdresser and a client is like that of a patient and a surgeon. Establishing trust is crucial in making our clients feel comfortable and at home in our chairs. Getting to know the details of your hair journey is vital to us, so we can help you take it to the next level, giving you the healthy locks you deserve.

Why not sit down with a licensed hairdresser to discuss the unique properties of your hair so we can work together to formulate a plan that ensures you are delighted and smiling when you walk out the door. Connect with our receptionist to secure a no-obligation consultation.

Haircut and Colors Services That Leave You Looking Fresh

Have you been burned by a hair cutting or color service in the past? Unfortunately, you're not alone, and many people have. It's a lousy experience like this that gives them hesitation when trying something new with their hair. We're here to gently get you comfortable with jumping back into the waters of being adventurous with your hair, taking small steps to achieve the big things you've always had your heart set on.

Of course, if you're ready to make a significant change today, we can do that too. We just wanted to assure you upfront that we won't be applying any pressure.

Count on our licensed professionals to give you full access to a massive range of the best hairdressing services, including:

  • Long haircuts
  • Short haircuts
  • Bangs and trims
  • Color and foils
  • Straighten and perms
  • Hairstyling, including for special events
  • Hair extensions
  • Heat styling services
  • And much more!

Consult with us to learn what our seasoned experts bring to the table regarding achieving your ultimate hair goals. Schedule a consultation at no risk to you, and chat with our experts about the changes you'd like to make.

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In Waynesville, Sun Room & Spa LLC is the hair salon you can trust to deliver the vivid new looks you desire and a master of keeping your current aesthetic looking sharp and well-maintained. Our dedicated professionals put their hearts into everything we do, intending to deliver the ultimate haircut, color, or styling service, depending on your goals.

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