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Are you in search of an excellent hair salon in the Waynesville area? If so, look no further than Sun Room & Spa LLC. At our salon, we offer haircuts and a wide array of salon services that will surely fulfill your hair-care needs.

Not only are our hairstylists skilled in the art of styling, cutting, coloring, and more, but they are also versed in the art of hospitality. Come to us for a haircut when you want considerate service in a positive and inclusive hair salon. You’ll be glad you sought out our services.

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Haircuts from Sun Room & Spa LLC Stylists who Care

Alongside our attentive approach to haircuts, coloring, and styling, we promise you a salon experience like no other. Do you want comfortable salon chairs? Friendly stylists and front-of-house staff that address—and anticipate—your needs as a client? If so, our hair salon is the place for you. From the moment you enter our facilities until the moment you leave, we promise nothing but the finest service.

Visit our salon when you want:

  • Easy to schedule hair appointments
  • Great rates on trims, colorings, and more
  • Full suite of hair salon services
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • And more

You get more than just a haircut at our local hair salon. You get a start-to-finish experience that leaves you feeling wonderful for days to come.

You’ll Love Our Haircuts

It is one thing to cut or style someone’s hair so it looks nice at first glance. It is another thing to give a client a haircut that looks nice when they get home, the next day, and in the weeks that follow their hair appointment. These are the sort of haircuts we provide our clients with. Look to us when you want results that compliment your appearance for months.

Look to us when you want:

  • Layered bobs
  • A-line fringe cuts
  • Fades
  • Trims
  • Layering
  • French crop cuts
  • And more

Want a modern cut? A textured, layered look for your long hair? Ask and you shall receive.

The Finest Hair Products Available Here

The hairstylists who operate out of our hair salon have more than the right skills. They also use the right equipment, accessories, and products for the job. Do you want your stylist to use vegan hair products during your styling session? Be sure to let us know. Beyond requests such as these, we always make sure to source the finest styling products for all hair types and preferences. It might be hard for you to find products like these in stores, but you will always be able to find them in our exceptional hair salon.

Sit Down with a Hairstylist Today

Even the simplest requests benefit from a professional touch. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or you want to your hairstylist to give you an intricate cut after years of having long luscious locks, our stylists can help you.

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