Eyelash Lifting in Waynesville

If you’re tired of applying makeup to your lashes with limited results, then Sun Room & Spa LLC’s eyelash lifting procedure is the solution you’re looking for. We are Waynesville’s top salon for giving your eyelashes a lift, eliminating the need for you to apply fake lashes or eyelash extensions ever again. Our specialists are trained to work with each client individually, looking for solutions that will match your specific expectations.  

Don’t feel frustrated with your lashes anymore. They can be longer, fuller, and more defined with our eyelash tinting methods. Book a consultation with our specialists at (828) 252-1100 to get started! 

What Is Eyelash Lifting? 

An eyelash lift could almost be considered a “perm” for your lashes. The process curls your eyelashes from their root at the base to the tip, helping the entire length become more exposed and visible. We’re looking to reshape your eyelashes to help them stand out and maximize their effectiveness.  

Our process involves cleansing the area around the eye and placing a silicone rod onto the eyelids. We extend, curl, and attach the lashes to this rod with an adhesive. We then apply a lotion to the lashes that lift and mold them around the curling rod and set them into shape. Overall, this process can take up to an hour, but the results will last you for well over a month! 

Our process is safe and reliable. If you want better lashes that are easier to maintain, this is the service for you! 

The Best Eyelash Lifting Salon 

We are proud to maintain a high level of service that makes us the best eyelash lifting salon in Waynesville. The nature of the procedure, with work being done around your eyes, means you should only trust licensed and certified beauticians to handle the process.  

We have a skilled and experienced team of beauty experts who are able to guarantee a safe and reliable eyelash lifting process that gets you the results you want. We use the best methods and materials to lift your lashes, as we invest in the newest products that are proven to work.  

When it comes to your lashes and your looks, we think you should always work with the best. Our commitment to excellence throughout our company will give you the assurance you’re looking for. 

Consultations Before Eyelash Lifting 

Before undergoing the eyelash lifting process with you, it’s very important that we sit down with you and discuss the final lash result you’re looking for. With our process, we’re able to give you various options, and we always want to ensure you like the way your lashes will look before we start.  

If this is your first time booking a lash lift appointment with us, we invite you to book a consultation. We’ll explain the process in greater detail and show you examples of the possible results. Reach out to us now to schedule a consultation at your nearest convenience! 

Book Your Eyelash Lifting Appointment 

Waynesville’s beat eyelash lifting expert is Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our salon has the team and the procedure to give you longer and fuller lashes that last for a long time. Book an appointment or a consultation with us now at (828) 252-1100!