Eyelash Extensions in Waynesville

Many women love the look of thick, luscious eyelashes, but achieving such lashes can be a challenge. The cosmetic industry is overflowing with different types of mascara and lash-volumizing serums to help us fill out our lashes, but the tedium of applying these every day can get to us. Not to mention, a good swim or sweat session in the summer and our morning’s work goes out the window. 

Sun Room & Spa LLC has been the leading name for eyelash extensions in Waynesville for years. We invite you to contact us at (828) 252-1100 to book a consultation.

High-Quality Extensions for Eyelash Volume

When you require over a thousand coats of mascara to achieve a remotely close version of our gorgeous lash extensions, you know you’re doing it wrong.

Our qualified team at the brow bar will give you the longer, thicker, and fuller lashes you’ve been craving for. We carefully curate our eyelash extensions to source only the safest, highest-quality and most durable supplies.

Different Lash Extension Styles for You to Choose From

When you walk into Sun Room & Spa LLC’s brow bar, you will be overcome with glee at the different options we have available for you. Our options differ based on length, curl shape, and volume to offer you custom solutions that will fit you perfectly. Some of our eyelash extension options include:


This is a suitable option for individuals seeking the most authentic-looking lashes. In this procedure, we attach a single lash extension to each of your existing lashes, enhancing the length, quantity, and curl of your natural lashes.


When you want to go above the classic selection but stick below the volume option, the hybrid extensions are the option for you. Here, we combine our volume and classic techniques to provide a medium-volume result for our customers.


During this procedure, we implement a mélange of lash extensions in a multitude to create a fan of lashes. This fan is then attached to every natural lash to exponentially increase volume and depth.

Get Long-Lasting Lashes with the Experts

Each of our brow experts is a perfectionist with their hands, along with having an eagle eye for detail to only give you flawless results. From consultation to setup to selecting the right lash length, size and adhesive, our process is client specific.

With us, your lashes can last up to three to five weeks with no fuss or maintenance. Our signature lash extension services will make you enjoy bold, beautiful, and long-lasting lashes that you can flaunt.

Contact Sun Room & Spa LLC for Your Lash Extensions in Waynesville

Sun Room & Spa LLC is the chosen partner in lash extensions for many a woman in Waynesville because we take the utmost care and attention in our services to provide you only the best results our industry has to offer.

Phone (828) 252-1100 for our advanced techniques, expert lash technicians, and state-of-the-art tools to give you top-rated lashes that are the talk of the town.