Microblading in Asheville

Are you looking to change up your eyebrow shape? Do you have tiny patches in your brows that need to be filled in daily? Perhaps you’re seeking fuller brows to accentuate your facial features and make a statement.

Whatever your reason for getting the perfect brows, Sun Room & Spa LLC is the answer. We’ve been the leading microblading experts in Asheville for years and are happy to serve your needs. Our advanced semi-permanent techniques will help your brows arrest the attention of any onlooker.

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Achieve Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face Shape with Microblading

At your appointment, we’ll sit down with you for a consultation to understand your specifications and goals. Keeping these in mind, we’ll draw out the perfect eyebrow lines that will suit your face shape.

Once we’ve sketched out the right shape that you’re happy with, we’ll use fine-point needles that only scratch the surface of your skin to produce feather-like strokes, carefully and meticulously filling out your brows. Whether the hair in your eyebrows is sparse or out of control, our signature microblading techniques will include the right amount of definition and volume to achieve a flawless brow shape.

Types of Microblading Services Available at Sun Room & Spa LLC

Sun Room & Spa LLC offers a complete selection of semi-permanent eyebrow-filling services. Depending on whether you’re looking for a bold and dramatic appearance or a more natural look, your specific skin type, or whether you’re seeking shades or strokes to fill out your brows, we can provide you with a suitable recommendation that will give you the sleek brows you’ve always wanted.

Powder-Filled Brows

This may be the right procedure for individuals who still retain a good amount of hair in their brows or for those suffering from irregular hair growth. Powder-filled brows are the least invasive technique we use at Sun Room & Spa LLC, simply adding slight definition rather than filling them entirely.

Eyebrow Feathering Techniques

With this technique, we apply feathery strokes close together on your brow line to provide a shaded, dimensional look. This is a technique used to yield better results for specific types of skin.

Eyebrow Nanoblading

This technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo method for thicker eyebrows. In this procedure, we incorporate the use of pigmented ink and a very fine needle to produce hair-like tattoo strokes. This creates a slightly thicker texture compared to traditional microblading.

Get Long-Lasting Results with Our Microblading Experts

With an artist’s eye, our expert brow technicians custom design your brows to enhance your facial beauty and produce more long-lasting results. With our guided recommendations, we employ cutting-edge hair stroke and ombre methods to give you natural-looking and long-lasting eyebrows that will stand the test of time.

Contact the Best Microblading Studio in Asheville

Whether your brows are inconsistent in hair growth, our brow solutions will get you the fuller brows you’ve been craving. When your new, waterproof brows restore your confidence and reduce your makeup time in the morning, you’ll have Sun Room & Spa LLC to thank.

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