Lip Blushing in Asheville

Are your lips lacking the youthful luster you used to sport in your younger years? Perhaps you would like your lips to appear fuller for a more glamorous appearance, or you’re aiming for a more permanent classic lip color than you can achieve with lipstick or lip gloss.

Sun Room & Spa LLC is here to offer you the latest trend in the cosmetic industry—lip blushing. This process involves a semi-permanent tattoo on your lips that will make them appear fuller and tinted to your preferred shade. Lip blushing always helps you hold your head high with confidence, regardless of the day’s stresses or activities.

We invite you to contact us at (828) 252-1100 to get your lips looking dewy and bold every day.

Make Your Lips Look Fuller and More Defined with Sun Room & Spa LLC’s Lip Blushing

Lip blushing services are the most significant and newest trend to hit the beauty industry. This procedure has taken the cosmetic industry by storm because it offers the benefits of plumper, shaded lips without the harm caused by older surgical methods.

We use only medical-grade, water-based, hypoallergenic inks to obtain the tinted, natural-looking lip color our clients are looking to achieve. We line the lips in strategic spots and shade the entirety of their surface in an even color to produce the much sought-after illusion of plumper, fuller lips.  

Benefits of Our Lip Blushing Services

Our signature lip blushing service offers a variety of benefits to our clientele, including:

  • Long-lasting lip color
  • Increased pigmentation for pale lips
  • The ability to customize lip shade
  • Fuller-looking lips without the need for invasive surgery or injectables
  • Enhanced lip symmetry
  • Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation on lips

Expert Lip Blushing Application with Long-Lasting Results

Our qualified team of lip artists is highly trained and has undergone a great deal of practice to achieve consistent and reliable results. We always ensure our staff has the necessary licensing and ongoing education to meet Sun Room & Spa LLC and its customers’ high standards of practice.

After a sit-down consultation with you, our lip artists will create a customized shade for your lips based on your desired look. Then, we apply a numbing cream to the area before using a mechanical gun to apply the color to your lips. With our careful and meticulous application, we’ll enhance your lips’ natural contours and color, using pigment that will last for at least a year.

Contact Us Your Lip Blushing Needs in Asheville

Let’s face it—lipsticks are a temporary solution that lasts only a few hours before getting washed away. If you’re constantly rushing to the bathroom for touch-ups and the cups and glasses you drink from are often more stained than your actual lips, then lip blushing might be your ideal cosmetic procedure.

Sun Room & Spa LLC’s lip blushing services will give your lips a glamorous, sun-kissed flush without the lifetime commitment of a traditional tattoo. Contact our lip blushing studio at (828) 252-1100 now to sport plush, glossy lips every hour of every day without the hassle of constant maintenance.