Eyelash Tinting in Asheville

Get ready to throw away your mascara with a get-up-and-go look from Sun Room & Spa LLC. Our skilled and professional eyelash tinting services are the talk of the town in Asheville. We help contour and define your facial appearance, adding a pop of color to your lashes that can last upwards of a month.

Experience the ease of maintenance-free tinted lashes that provide you with fuller features, making it easy to go without makeup on a daily basis. We invite you to contact us at (828) 252-1100 to make an appointment and let your natural beauty shine through!

Get Darker, Longer, and Fuller Lashes with Sun Room & Spa LLC

Are your eyelashes looking a little too bland? Plain lashes can give your face a washed-out look or the dreaded appearance of having just gotten out of bed. We make your lashes darker, fuller, and longer to the point where you can confidently ditch the mascara and walk out into the world without makeup.  

Many desire bold eyelashes that frame their eye and draw the gaze of others but spending precious minutes in front of the bathroom mirror every morning isn’t necessarily the right answer. Sun Room & Spa LLC’s signature lash tint services accentuate your eyes by creating a contrast between the whites of your eyes and your new dark and full lashes.

Look Great and Feel Good with Professional Lash Tinting from Sun Room & Spa LLC

Long, full eyelashes that don’t require mascara or false eyelashes—what’s not to love? We’re confident that eyelash tinting is a valuable service you should take advantage of, so your only consideration should be finding an eyelash tinting salon that does a good job.

At Sun Room & Spa LLC, we’ve studied and practiced our lash tinting process to iron out any kinks that might jeopardize your lashes. We use only the highest-quality, natural dyes on our client’s lashes, ensuring that treatment causes no irritation and achieves the desired effect. Our technicians exercise great care in handling every delicate lash, treating our client’s eyelashes with the dedicated respect they deserve.   

Long-Lasting Eyelash Tinting Results from Our Skilled Technicians

If you’re tired of constantly investing in different mascara brands and shielding your eyelashes from water for fear of black streaks under your eyes, then eyelash tinting is the right service for you. We offer long-lasting, affordable eyelash coloring to help you live free from the need for constant touchups.

Our skilled lash technicians thoroughly enjoy the process of highlighting lashes and will treat your lashes like their own. They’ll undertake a meticulous procedure of dyeing each of your individual lashes to provide you with long-lasting results that can last from four to six weeks.

Contact Lash Tinting Experts in Asheville

Sun Room & Spa LLC is renowned in Asheville for lash tinting services that darken and embolden your lashes to give you a natural and fresh look. We make it convenient for you to wake up with no makeup and roll out of bed confident in your long-lasting beauty.

Phone us at (828) 252-1100 now to get that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look every morning without sacrificing your time in front of the mirror.