Eyelash Lifting in Asheville

Let’s face it, applying an entire course of makeup every day can eat away at your precious time. With the added disadvantage that mascara smudges every time you sweat, cry, or swim, you may almost wonder why you even bother with makeup.

Sun Room & Spa LLC has the right solution to get your lashes the glamor they need without jeopardizing your wallet, time, or appearance throughout the day. Recognized in Asheville as the top lash bar, we offer premium lash lifting services that will get you through the day with a fully intact set of gorgeously curled eyelashes.

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Give Your Lashes a Lift at Sun Room & Spa LLC

When your lashes curl away from your eyelids, they offer the appearance of greater volume and thickness. Perfectly lifted lashes provide the ideal frame to highlight your eyes and enhance your natural beauty. One of the traditional methods to achieve this look is using an eyelash curler, but they tend to break your lashes, and the effects aren’t long-lasting. Gluing false lashes onto your eyelids can’t be the solution, either. You end up losing half your natural lashes in the process or more if you continue the process on an ongoing basis.

Sun Room & Spa LLC understands your challenges and is here to give you the answer. With our revolutionary method of lash lifting, we can generate volume and the wonderful lift your lashes deserve. Our lash lifts use the latest advancements in grooming technology to accentuate your natural eyelashes and give them the right curl.

Expert Lash Application for Long-Lasting Results

In their natural state, your lashes might be straight or even downward facing, making them appear dimensionless and potentially invisible to the naked eye.

Our eyelash lifting services are designed for people possessing every lash length and thickness possible. Our new and improved technique lifts your lashes from the root in an upward direction that elongates your natural lashes to give you a wide-eyed and full-featured appearance. Ditch the extensions and their complicated aftercare. Our last lifts will last you anywhere from six to eight weeks!

Benefits of Sun Room & Spa LLC’s Lash Lifting Services

The eyelash lifting service offered at our welcoming, friendly salon has many benefits. Just a few of those advantages are listed below:

  • Eyelash lifting elongates your lashes
  • Our services are suitable for lashes of all lengths
  • We create curl without damaging your lashes
  • Lifted lashes are low maintenance
  • Our salon atmosphere is welcoming and supportive
  • We walk you through your options and answer all questions

Contact the Best Eyelash Lifting Salon in Asheville

If you’re seeking affordable, high-quality lash tinting services in Asheville, look no further than Sun Room & Spa LLC. We’ll lift your lashes, creating healthier hairs that accentuate your facial features and remain lifted for longer.

We ensure our procedures are sanitary and healthy for everyone because we understand how crucial it is for salon services to be safe. With our signature lash-lifting procedure, you’ll have gorgeous lashes that fan your cheeks without risk or unnecessary costs.

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