Eyelash Extensions in Asheville

Eyelash extensions push the glamor of your natural lashes to the next level. Your eyes are the most expressive feature on your face, and framing these features is key to your style and the enhancement of your natural beauty.

Your lashes can speak volumes about your mood. If you want to express yourself fully and make the most of your beautiful eyes, it’s time to move beyond your natural set of lashes. Sun Room & Spa LLC provides top-quality eyelash extensions in Asheville. With our quality lash solutions, you can reduce your daily makeup routine and look ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Choose from Various Styles with Lash Extensions from Sun Room & Spa LLC

Sun Room & Spa LLC has the widest selection of eyelash extensions for you to choose from. Our extensions vary in thickness, color, material, curl shape, and length. Whether you want a fluffy, voluminous fan of lashes to frame your eyes or a more subtle lengthening of your natural lashes, we’ve got the perfect extensions for you.

Our inventory of available eyelash extensions includes, but isn’t limited to, the following:

Classic sets

Classic sets are a popular choice for our first-time lash customers. These sets don’t dramatically change your look but are more of a subtle enhancement of your natural lashes. To apply a classic set, we attach one eyelash extension to each of your existing natural lashes, extending the length and curl of your natural lashes.

Volume sets

Volume sets work for customers looking for a statement. To apply volume sets, we combine multiple lashes together to form an elegant fan. These fans are then adhered to each natural lash to create greater thickness and dynamic volume.  

Hybrid sets

Hybrid sets are for those seeking a middle ground between the classic and volume sets. We apply both single and multiple strands to your lashes to provide an enhancement for customers who don’t want to go too bold on their eyelashes but are looking for something a step further than the classic.

Long-Lasting Lashes from Experts

Our lash artists are hand-picked by Sun Room & Spa LLC for their sharp skills and inherent passion for the trade. We only use careful, meticulous techniques to generate glamorous and long-lasting results.

Our highly trained lash technicians are sought after in Asheville for the impeccable solutions they provide to ensure long-term lash health and complete lash integrity. We’re diligent in our pursuit of tailoring lashes to each customer, making sure to attach extensions that your natural lashes can handle, so you don’t feel excessive weight on your eyelids.

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With solid lash technicians, techniques, and product knowledge, Sun Room & Spa LLC is proud to be the most renowned lash bar in Asheville. We welcome the opportunity to assist our customers in achieving their beauty goals and providing them with stand-out, durable lashes.

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