Airbrush Tanning in Asheville

Sun Room & Spa LLC is the top choice in Asheville for personalized airbrush tanning services. You can trust our team of trained professionals to give you beautiful results every time. We’re constantly updating our methods to ensure we offer top-of-the-line tans for our customers. If you’re looking for a sunless tanning option that’s both safe and effective, we have the answer.

To give you a personalized airbrush solution, we’d like to sit down and discuss what you’re looking for! Based on your skin type and the level of tan you want, we’ll devise a solution to give you the exact glow you need.

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Effective Airbrush Tanning with Sun Room & Spa LLC

One of the first questions we get about our airbrush procedure is: is it effective? We can say with confidence that it is!

Airbrush tanning is a safe and effective method of sunless tanning. We use an airbrush gun to apply a special tanning solution to your skin. The solution contains a compound that activates your skin’s natural melanin production. When we evenly coat your skin with the solution, the compound reacts with your skin, causing a darkening process that mimics exposure to sunlight.

Our airbrush tanning gives you the tanning results of a long beach day without exposure to UV radiation. It’s a perfect solution for anyone looking for a safe and healthy way to look great all year long!

Highly Trained Airbrush Specialists

The success of our business comes down to the professionalism of our experts. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation as the best tanning salon in our community.

Our professionals are certified airbrush tanning specialists who receive the best training to ensure consistent results with every appointment. We also invest in up-to-date airbrush equipment and tanning solutions to give you a more effective, efficient, and reliable experience.

You should always feel like you’re in good hands with your tanning specialists. With us, you know we’ll offer consistent tanning results every time. Book an appointment now to get a beautiful new tan!

Airbrush Tanning You Can Afford

We never want anyone to worry about the cost of a sunless airbrush tan procedure. Here, you can get the beauty of an even tan without stepping into the sunshine or breaking the bank.

Before every tanning session with a client, we start with a consultation. We want to assess your skin type and determine the shade you want your skin to be. This will let us develop a plan that minimizes your appointment time and results in the exact glow you hope to achieve.

We’re happy to offer estimates based on the services you’ll need. Just contact our team for a detailed consultation, and we can provide you with a free estimate!

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Don’t go into the sun to get a beautiful tan—contact Sun Room & Spa LLC instead. For safe and effective airbrush tanning methods you can afford, we’re Asheville’s best choice.

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